In the investment market there is always an opportunity flowing like a river. Above all, it is important to follow the movements of the market. By analyzing trends, I will help you trade according to the flow. Let’s explore this opportunity together.

Think of me as your compass – helping to successfully navigate the crypto trading space.

I use Harmonic patterns, Fibonacci rate structural trading signals, Stock RSI, MFI, MACD and momentum indicators in the application of may unique trading strategy. When performing Bitcoin-oriented trading with alt coins in a bearish flow, before there is an upward movement the alts can be dangerous. We want to increase Bitcoin even in this current bear market, so I pursue a more efficient way of trading and aim for a 2 to 3% rate of return per week.

The ability to copy my trades is an excellent opportunity and I look forward to helping others learn and prosper in the process. My goal is to maintain the same steady level of profit each day. I hope you’ll let me guide you to success.

LATEST STATS: 4.69% Gain
Average Monthly = 7.2% Gain

IMPORTANT: Subscriptions result in monthly recurring auto-charges to the AiTrades wallet selected in SETTINGS. It is your responsibility to ensure sufficient funds exist to avoid interruption of service and access. You may change or transfer funds to the selected wallet at any time to ensure payment success. If funds are insufficient when monthly subscription is due, no trades will be copied until funds are sufficient for payment, unless you cancel.