Your Content

Imagine a social media site dedicated to the exploration of crypto! Where you can ask questions and get answers without the noise of a million other topics. A place where novices ask without being judged, and experts are on hand to offer solid tips and share best practices!

Your comfort

Imagine a social media site on which you are not bombarded with ads mixed into your feed! Where you can quickly and easily see what’s new in the crypto-space and learn tips and techniques without wading through ads based on algorithms following your every online move. A place where the focus is on you rather than on making a buck!

Your Gain

We cannot think of a better place to discuss our shared interests than a dedicated social platform with all the bells and whistles we’re used to! Join for free to start making friends and creating your own groups for specialized conversations. Learn more about crypto so you can take advantage!

Your Future

Imagine looking back just a short time in the future and thinking what a wise decision early adoption of bitcoin turned out to be! In order to benefit, you need to know all you can about navigating this emerging space – and a top knotch social platform is one of the easiest ways to learn. More fun than research and a good pathway toward building a better future!

Why Social Media?

Because we’re all busy with life’s constant demands and social platforms offer a fast, easy way to stay in touch! The problem with mainstream-social media is we have to wade through too many advertisements and too much drama to connect on a specific topic. Now – we have a dedicated platform just for crypto and anyone can participate!


Activity Posts

Users can write Posts on Activity Stream and Profiles


3 default Privacy settings for users content: Public, Site Members, Only Me

Nested Comments

Comments under Posts are nested so you never lose track of the conversations

Pinned Posts

Admins can pin posts to the top of the Activity Stream – great for making announcements and keeping everyone informed of important happenings in the crypto space!

User Hover Cards

When hovering over user name (or taping on mobile) it shows a hover card with user’s profile summary.

More than ‘like’

Custom reactions for our community so they can react appropriately to crypto posts!


Your Own Reactions

Upload your own custom image – .PNG, .SVG or even an animated .GIF


Profile Widget

Shows your notifications, avatar, profile and community navigation

Latest Members Widget

Shows newest community members, displays their avatars.

Online Members Widget

Shows you the members who are online at the moment.

UserBar Widget

Shows your name, navigation and notifications anywhere on the site.


It shows a tag cloud of the most used hashtags in posts throughout the entire community. The widget has 3 display options with various sorting methods

Post Comment

Sent when someone comments on your posts

User Reply Comment

Sent when someone replies to your comments

Comment Reaction

Sent when someone reacts to your comments

Auto Scroll and Highlight

When a notification is clicked, it takes you directly to the relevant content, and highlights it



GIPHY Integration

Send GIPHY gifs in comments and chat. GIPHY is the best way to search, share, and discover GIFs on the Internet. The whole vast library of gifs is available to you. Gifs from GIPHY can be added to comments under posts as well as shared via chat. It’s a great way to react to a post or a message.


Earn points for community engagement. The system awards points for actions performed such as writing a post, referring new members, adding a video, and more. Win points for being active in the community.


Open, Closed and Secret groups. Groups lets the community create and participate within more narrowed discussions. Communities, especially those revolving around crypto, can be a very useful tool. They allow you to focus on a particular thing. Groups come with their own set of notifications regarding posts and user actions like invitations.


Post a question for others to vote and see what they think about one thing or another. Polls allow you to create polls in posts. The polls can be placed in the main activity stream, in users’ profiles and even in groups. Everyone can cast their vote once per poll.

Even More ways to earn

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More more more

We’re building a platform like no other – a place where you can learn to earn, earn to grow, and tap into one of the greatest opportunities to build wealth in decades! Explore the many avenues already open and stay tuned for more!


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Bitcoin ATMs

The future has never looked brighter with possibility than it does currently! Cryptocurrency is here to stay and sure to be a part of daily life in a short time. Imagine being one of the first to own a bitcoin ATM in your neighborhood! What a great way to ensure a future income stream for a very small capital outlay!

“What a breath of fresh air it is to chat with like-minded crypto lovers and ditch the drama of FB social media! I have already learned so much in just a short period of time. This is the way it should be, for real!”


“I need to learn about bitcoin and seize this opportunity that I have already seen to be very worthwhile! It is all a bit confusing and I like being able to ask questions without being judged. Way to go, AiTrades!”


“Loving the platform and the ability to cut throught the mustard to focus on cryptocurrency! I am glad to have a dedicated platform and look forward to sharing all I’ve learned and learning from everybody else!”


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