Copy Trades FX Lord Ice

My crypto trading system is based on Advanced Asset Allocation & Money Management, containing, most of the time, from 19 to 38 coins, to diversify the risk and to increase the chance of trading the most profitable coins, per time unit.

Welcome! No Loss* Crypto Portfolio is my strategy. (*As long as the crypto markets don’t drop to zero and stay there…for good.) I focus 100% on providing you the best trades and profits the markets can give us. Rest assured, no almost-sure opportunities will be missed on my 24/7 watch. I love what I do. And I do it, so you don’t have to.

My name is Laurian Gabriel, I am from Romania. Everyone knows me as Ice Trader and they usually just call me Ice. I have been a full-time trader for over 10 years. I have been trading for 15+ years in many financial markets: stocks, penny stocks, futures, indices, commodities, forex, and a year and a half ago I started crypto trading (when HODLING wasn’t that efficient anymore).


  • Trading Method: Manual
  • Trading Style – Swing & Position Trading
  • Base Currencies: USDT / BNB / BTC

My strategy is a no loss trading system due to the fact that I never use 100% of my account balance to take these trades. I use from 25% to 50% of my account balance in any given time, and I use the remaining balance to perform 1 to 3 DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) – if the prices drop after my first buy, I buy some more to average the investment cost/amount. Learn more about DCA.

Afterward, I decide if I use the same Take Profit level (2nd, 3rd, and 4th entry, could have a bigger profit than 10%) or, if the Markets conditions are not suitable, I use the same 10% TP for all the entries (averaging the profits as well, to save the Compounding Time, for my account).

Amount of capital required to copy my trades:

On Binance Exchange, a min amount of $10/trade is required. Due to this, you will need a min account balance of $760. I will use most of the time max $380, but I need the other $380 to perform at least one DCA – I rarely need it for all the coins at the same time. I recommend you to use this initial account amount and perform monthly savings and deposit into your account. It could be $50 up to $1000 monthly additional deposits if you can afford it, once you are familiar and satisfied with the results. A higher balance will help your account maximize compounded growth in the first months and decrease the time until you reach your goal.

Ice Trader Performance

Binance Exchange data periodically updated.

wdt_ID Exchange Base Currency Exit Date Entry Exit PNL
1 BINANCE USDT IOST 06/22/2020 0.00610000 0.00670000 10.2%
2 BINANCE USDT BAND 06/18/2020 1.20360000 1.32440000 10.0%
3 BINANCE USDT CELR 06/14/2020 0.00390000 0.00430000 10.1%
4 BINANCE USDT NANO 06/10/2020 1.10450000 1.26740000 14.7%
5 BINANCE USDT FTM 06/03/2020 0.00570000 0.00630000 11.7%
6 BINANCE USDT ZIL 06/02/2020 0.01670000 0.01850000 10.5%
7 BINANCE USDT GTO 05/31/2020 0.00920000 0.01010000 10.7%
8 BINANCE USDT ONT 05/30/2020 0.50360000 0.55540000 10.3%
9 BINANCE USDT ALGO 05/30/2020 0.21360000 0.23840000 11.6%
10 BINANCE USDT NULS 05/29/2020 0.30960000 0.34090000 10.1%

Power of Compounded Growth

A decent 2% per day should be expected on average once your portfolio is established. You can use an online Compound Interest Calculator, to understand this is more than enough, to grow your account to 6 figures, in 1 year time:

Settings for the online Compound Interest Calculator, as an example:

  • Currency: USD
  • Base amount: $190 (just 25% of the initial account balance, if I use 19 coins and have 3 x DCA available, to buy lower if needed or 50%, if I use all 38 coins x$10, each = $380)
  • Interest rate: 60% Monthly (2% per day x 30 days).
  • Calculation period: 12 Months (but you can play with it and see the longer it takes, the bigger the compound – at the same profit level per day, for 24 or 36 months).
  • Compound interval: Daily

As you can see (Graph of Results below), initially your account will grow slower. But as time goes by, the bigger it gets. That’s the power of compounding!

And of course, you can help your account growth, by using the same settings and use a “Regular Monthly” (deposits) of let’s say $200 ($50 = 25%, for increasing the trading amount and $150 = 75%, for 3 x DCA purpose, if need it). This will reduce the time to reach the same profits level (or grow much more in the same 12 months, from our example).

At a certain level of the account balance, these monthly savings will not be efficient anymore. That is the moment when you can use these savings to diversify some more.

Expectations vs. Reality

We all know and you should be aware that: “Past performance is not a guarantee of future results!”

But I’ll do my best to maintain the same level of profits, each day. We might have some low activity days, weeks, or even months, where it’s not safe to trade or I’ll take some days off. Usually, I try to overlap my holidays with these low volatility market periods. But eventually, sooner or later, we can reach our goals.

IMPORTANT: Subscriptions result in monthly recurring auto-charges to the AiTrades wallet selected in SETTINGS. It is your responsibility to ensure sufficient funds exist to avoid interruption of service and access. You may change or transfer funds to the selected wallet at any time to ensure payment success. If funds are insufficient when monthly subscription is due, no trades will be copied until funds are sufficient for payment, unless you cancel.