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A Features Package grants access to exclusive platform services. This low annual fee opens the door for subscription services, participation levels, and exclusive pricing based on level of entry.


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Features Packages

Choose your level based on individual goals. Interested in building an affiliate referral business? Choose from three (3) levels to maximize your efforts. Looking to increase your Bitcoin acquisition efforts? We have a level to suit you! Change your mind in the future? Simply upgrade to a higher level and increase your earning power!


Your annual Features Package cost is a small price to pay for the ability to access and use custom, proprietary services as well as the option for affiliate compensation with no additional or hidden costs. An effective, successful platform requires ongoing development, security, updates, support, and maintenance. Our concept is simple: buy a package and experience the benefits!


Blockgeeks and Ai Trades are working together to bring you the world’s most comprehensive blockchain education. Learning to navigate the fast-emerging cryptocurrency landscape will be key to future success.


We have two main goals: 1) put you in control of your crypto-funds; and 2) provide you with the tools to maximize your crypto-portfolio. To accomplish these goals, education, guidance, and incredible tools are needed.


AiTrades-Global took on the incredible task of creating, developing, or obtaining an arsenal of tools under one umbrella that anyone can learn to use without the need to be an expert trader. 


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