There is power in drawing charts. By identifying trends on charts that change rapidly and regularly, I will help you make steady profits based on technical analysis of trading principles. I tame the data to respond in lightning fashion, so we both reap the rewards.

Greetings! Prediction is important, but response is even more important!

I have 9 years of stock trading experience and 2 and a half years of crypto-trading experience. I perform margin trading with BTC and ETH mainly on Bitmex exchange to increase BTC, and trade USDt market mainly on Binance to increase USDt. I pursue strategies that don’t result in Stop Hunting by split buying, and are based on mechanical trading and thorough seed distribution that do not rely on forecasts.


  • Day Trading – Using BitMex and Binance exchanges, referring mainly to 5 minute and 15 minute candles.
  • Swing Trading – Also using BitMex and Binance exchanges and mainly referring to 5 minute and 15 minute candles.
  • Minute Trading – mainly on BitMex Margin Exchange with sufficient trading volume by using 1 minute and 5 minute candles

POSITION: Long/Short in Margin Trading, Normal in Alts, USDt Market

LATEST STATS: 3.13% Gain
Average Monthly = 5.4% Gain

IMPORTANT: Subscriptions result in monthly recurring auto-charges to the AiTrades wallet selected in SETTINGS. It is your responsibility to ensure sufficient funds exist to avoid interruption of service and access. You may change or transfer funds to the selected wallet at any time to ensure payment success. If funds are insufficient when monthly subscription is due, no trades will be copied until funds are sufficient for payment, unless you cancel.