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Your Control

You have 100% control of your exchange account and your funds using this service – we never touch your funds. AiTrades or the experts you copy never have access to your funds. You simply COPY trades executed by the experts on your terms.

Your Profit

There are no hidden fees, no profit-sharing, no commissions to pay. Profits earned by copying the expert traders is 100% yours to keep. The only cost is the monthly subscription fee for each expert you select to follow. You can follow as many experts as you want, and you can cancel following anytime you want.

Your Gain

We cannot think of an easier way to learn while earning than our AiCopyTrades platform. Our expert traders do the research, employ the strategies, and execute trades using our exclusive proprietary trading bots. 

Your Decision

You decide the percentage of your exchange account balance to be used by the expert(s) you copy. A little, or all in – it is 100% your choice and easily changed. You decide how much to invest in cryptocurrency. You make all the decisions and we provide the best available tools to help you meet your goals.

Experts for
all Levels

Our experts trade with individual strategies developed to maximize profits. Keep in mind, our experts strive to make the most profitable trades, using the most sophisticated tools available – because they trade with their own account funds, not yours!  The benefit to you could not be more simple.


There is power in drawing charts. By identifying trends on charts that change rapidly and regularly, I will help you make steady profits based on technical analysis of trading principles. I tame the data to respond in lightning fashion, so we both reap the rewards.

Greetings! Prediction is important, but response is even more important!

I have 9 years of stock trading experience and 2 and a half years of crypto-trading experience. I perform margin trading with BTC and ETH mainly on Bitmex exchange to increase BTC, and trade USDt market mainly on Binance to increase USDt. I pursue strategies that don’t result in Stop Hunting by split buying, and are based on mechanical trading and thorough seed distribution that do not rely on forecasts.


  • Day Trading – Using BitMex and Binance exchanges, referring mainly to 5 minute and 15 minute candles.
  • Swing Trading – Also using BitMex and Binance exchanges and mainly referring to 5 minute and 15 minute candles.
  • Minute Trading – mainly on BitMex Margin Exchange with sufficient trading volume by using 1 minute and 5 minute candles

POSITION: Long/Short in Margin Trading, Normal in Alts, USDt Market


Copy Trades FX Lord Ice
Ice Trader

My crypto trading system is based on Advanced Asset Allocation & Money Management, containing, most of the time, from 19 to 38 coins, to diversify the risk and to increase the chance of trading the most profitable coins, per time unit.

Welcome! No Loss* Crypto Portfolio is my strategy. (*As long as the crypto markets don’t drop to zero and stay there…for good.) I focus 100% on providing you the best trades and profits the markets can give us.

My name is Laurian Gabriel, I am from Romania. Everyone knows me as Ice Trader and they usually call me just Ice. I have been a full-time trader for over 10 years. I have been trading for 15+ years in many financial markets: stocks, penny stocks, futures, indices, commodities, forex, and a year and a half ago I started crypto trading (when HODLING wasn’t that efficient anymore).


  • Trading Method: Manual
  • Trading Style – Swing & Position Trading
  • Base Currencies: USDT / BNB / BTC
Learn More about Ice Trader

Copy me to seek profitable, stable trading with a strategy that maximizes gain and minimizes losses.  I am a DAY TRADER from an investment, rather than trading, perspective – looking only for advantageous battles that can reduce the number of executions and raise the profit/loss ratio.

Hello! I am Prometheus, member of the aiCopy Expert team and your valuable partner during tough markets.

SHORT-TERM SWING trading when we have less chance to earn $100 – we try earning small amounts several times. We will seek the highest return with an accurate betting-point.  The sooner you start with me, the greater the benefits for you!


In the investment market there is always an opportunity flowing like a river. Above all, it is important to follow the movements of the market. By analyzing trends, I will help you trade according to the flow. Let’s explore this opportunity together.

Think of me as your compass – helping to successfully navigate the crypto trading space.

I use Harmonic patterns, Fibonacci rate structural trading signals, Stock RSI, MFI, MACD and momentum indicators in the application of may unique trading strategy. When performing Bitcoin-oriented trading with alt coins in a bearish flow, before there is an upward movement the alts can be dangerous. We want to increase Bitcoin even in this current bear market, so I pursue a more efficient way of trading and aim for a 2 to 3% rate of return per week.

The ability to copy my trades is an excellent opportunity and I look forward to helping others learn and prosper in the process. My goal is to maintain the same steady level of profit each day. I hope you’ll let me guide you to success.

Pumping Sniper

Every cryptocurrency has its own forces. Those forces maximize their profits by pumping up the prices when the right time comes. When following those movements, you need a keen eye to buy at a low price and make big profits safely. To do that, you don’t need to execute a lot of trades, just look for signs of pumping – lay low, and strike when the time is right! Just like any sniper, patience is key.

Hi Everyone! I am the ‘Pumping Sniper’ that catches the invisible signals!

SHORT-TERM SWING trading when signs of pumping have already appeared, and an even larger pump is expected to materialize.

SWING trade to accumulate at a low price combined with getting large profits! Checking the floor through several split buying moves, and waiting for a large pumping.

MARGIN trading (Scalping, Day Trading, Short-Term Swing) in preparation and to increase profits by trading for short periods of time within the box. Maximizing profits through short-term swings in greater positions.

Core strategic trading based on value and chart analysis. Earning money and securing profits by reasonable, mechanical trading in case the price jumps! Safe experience by trading items with definite trends only. Stay behind the crosshairs and watch as I execute with deadly accuracy when you copy my trades!


Major Crypto

Hello!  Major Crypto here!

I’ve been an active trader for 10 years – 5 years in the futures market, 2 years trading stocks, and the last 3 years as a crypto trader. I have crystal clear knowledge of the crypto market and other types of trading.

Mostly I prefer day trading but sometimes switch to swing trading!

I strictly adhere to risk management in a ratio of 1:3-5. Based on this, one profitable trade can cover three losing trades. But despite this, in the last 2 months I have only had 5 losing trades. On average, 0.5 – 1% of profit per day. Monthly profit is 10-20% depending on market moves.

Even More ways to earn

We know trading is not for everyone. AiCopyTrades is just one of the many options members can engage to help increase their wealth by harnessing the power of crypto! Explore the benefits of becoming one of the first in your area to own a CryptomaticATM and start planning a better future now. AiTrades account holders enjoy exclusive pricing to make this option even more affordable!

Personal Trading

Trading cryptocurrencies can be rewarding and profitable – but it can also be stressful and the potential for loss is always a possibility for beginners and experienced traders alike. We suggest you fully understand the risks before employing any personal trading strategy. AiTrades is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of using any of our trading services. Carefully read the terms and conditions and maintain realistic expectations for optimal results.


There is no set number of trades that will be executed. Our experts trade when their proven strategies indicate the time is right. So please, don’t subscribe with unrealistic expectations of constant trading executed every millisecond.


We suggest recommended balances to start trading merely as a guide because we are so often asked. Under no circumstances are you required to follow our guidelines. You are in control of your funds, you know what you can afford to invest, and you make all the decisions.


Your funds stay safely in your exchange account. Your API Keys are encrypted and unreadable by anyone – including us! If you follow instructions and ensure “withdrawal” is disabled in your own exchange account, there is literally no way your funds can be breached by using the service.


“I am excited with the results of my inital copying of Pumping Sniper – I like this trading style and I’m excited to see what the future holds! Loving the ease-of-use and learning a lot by just watching the moves he makes!”

Mark Lee

“I am a rank amateur with a real hesitancy to trade on my own with hard-earned funds! So I am so excited to have PapaJuns to copy and I cannot wait to see the results over the coming weeks…months if he keeps up the wins!”

Sarah Long

“I am a busy working Dad looking for ways to increase savings by taking advantage of the crypto-space – but no time to learn to trade successfully. I also don’t need additional stress so I am copying EXPERTS!”

David Howe

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