In the interest of all, AiTrades presents periodic reporting to keep the membership informed and part of the decision-making process regarding activity and growth.

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AiTrades is dedicated to creating a platform like no other, with services and options like no other. This will not happen overnight – but we have made tremendous progress this year and plan to continue our strategy for growth!

2019 4th Quarter

Greetings one and all!

Year 2019 has been a challenging one, presenting both hurdles to clear and opportunity for growth. As a membership, many of us jumped and cleared the hurdles – while others ran headlong into them and were left behind, or abandoned the race entirely looking for an easier route. (Spoiler: easier isn’t always better!)

While we have survived the most daunting of obstacles, seen Bitcoin rise to test prior ATHs again, and witnessed remarkable changes to the crypto-landscape…the race is not yet over.  As we begin the fourth and final quarter of 2019, it is not time to sit back and relax. 

Our re-launch certainly had its bumps as we sought to regain footing after the unexpected push for platform redevelopment. Our loyal founders and support teams worked tirelessly to get everyone acclimated and back in the race for prosperity!  That is now five months past and operations have been back to normal for way longer than they were suspended.

As with any organization, stock of where we are today must now be taken – and how we prosper going forward planned. With a few shining exceptions, the last several weeks have seen a sluggish plodding with many seemingly content to slow-walk the rest of the year.

An arsenal of new tools to generate unique and exciting avenues for income have been invested in for the sole purpose of providing “membership opportunity.”  As a collective organization, we all share one common interest and must work together to achieve our common objective. Few cannot carry the load for all. Founders cannot provide tools, features, services and options that are not promoted. Leaders cannot rely on past successes. And those that contribute little need not expect to share the wealth.

It is time to sprint to the finish line!  Turn up the heat and get busy making the last quarter of 2019 the best that it can be!  Doing so will ensure we start the new year with a fresh outlook and a positive gain. 

We urge all members to take measure and honestly ask “what have I done for AiTrades lately?”  The evidence of what AiTrades has done for you should be very clear.

In closing, thank you for your continued support. We are excited to see everyone sprinting to the finish line and let’s make this year end the beginning of the best year yet!

Best regards,
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