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Our AiCopyTrades™ is a service like no other!
Copy professional traders that use our proven, proprietary robots while maintaining 100% control of your crypto assets in your own exchange account for as little as $49.99/month.



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The crypto space is ripe for both opportunity and opportunists, thus crypto-enthusiasts quickly learned the importance of controlling your Bitcoin private keys. AiTrades-Global is a solution easy to use at a low-cost PLUS gives you 100% control of your Bitcoin at all times. Experience the results and increase your Bitcoin using the best platform possible.

No Signals. No Profit-Sharing. 100% Control.

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Start earning bitcoin right away and in a variety of ways. Use your gains to grow a business or sit back and copy our experts! Best of all – do it while maintaining 100% control of your own funds.

Featured Services

We offer services designed and developed to help you succeed! Whether a novice or expert trader, we have options to help you learn to trade by copying experts or by using a sophisticated trading console. No matter what option you choose, our software puts you in complete control of your assets.


The easiest option by far. Simply sign up and choose a Features Package. Then select an expert to copy. Subscribe using funds deposited for payment, enter your API Keys, and set the percent of your exchange account to allocate for trading. That’s it. Seriously.

Features Package

Simply a package that allows subscription of services and participation based on individual goals. Those seeking to build an affiliate-based business can choose a package based on the commission level desired. Those uninterested in affiliate opportunities can choose the lowest entry-level.

Experts for all styles

Our expert traders have different trading styles and you can choose the professional that suits your own level of risk or comfort. Whether you like the fast action of scalping on short timeframes or the steady gains from long-term trades – there is a trader to fit your style. What is particularly interesting is that our expert traders copy each other to maximize their own gains!

Why this is a big deal

Acquisition of bitcoin has never been more important as we near the next “halving” and get closer to a 21 million supply which is all that will ever exist. Taking a small amount of bitcoin and trading it to increase your holding without buying more is a great way to ensure you own bitcoin for the future. Let experts do the trading – and their moves are simply copied in your own account with your own funds. No fuss, no muss! Now that’s the way to do it!


“Did the aiCopyTrades trial for 5 days – loved the results! Followed one expert for about a month, then quickly added so now up to two experts and will soon add more. This is a no-brainer way to trade. I am learning and earning – so what could be better? I’ll tell you what – the commission I am earning monthly for the two friends I turned on to this!”
Larry Wiseheart

“I have never traded crypto and was a little hesitant – thinking I would have to do something! Nope 🙂 Just sign up, pay a subscription, enter a few codes, and BOOM! I am trading my own account, my own bitcoin, at my own pace. I love this and I have already learned so much just by watching what the experts are doing!”
Tami Bern


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Copy our Expert Traders for as little as $49.99/month and see for yourself. Results speak louder than any words ever could. But hurry! This offer is good for a limited time only.